Senthazham Poovil song from Mullum Malarum

Ilaiyaraja Song Senthazham Poovil from 1978 tamil movie Mullum Malarum. This beautiful tamil melody song sang by K.J.Yesudas. Senthazham poovil song composed by Isaignani Ilaiyaraja. This song was one of the chart busters of year 1978. A humble melody song composed by Ilaiyaraja, you can enjoy this song at any time of the day. Wonderful melody of 70s and 80s.

Ilaiyaraja has used swing style of rhythm in this song and the time of the song is 4/4. Yesudas has excelled in this song. One of the finest songs of Yesudas from late 70s. Ilaiyaraja and Yesudas combination has given many such melodies during their golden era of 70s and 80s. Listen to the song you will surely enjoy!

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Ilayaraja’s Pongal Song!

Tamil Pongal song from Mahanathi

Is there any other song to replace for Pongal? What a happiest composition for a such a festival. This pongal song is one of the best pongal songs from Tamil movie composed by Ilaiyaraja.

Listen to the song and enjoy the happiness brought out by Ilayaraja through his music with typical folk style composition that well suits for such fesvital like Pongal which is celebrated for 3 days.

Wish you all a happy pongal!

Aala Piranthavan songs by Ilayaraja

There is one super hit song of Ilayaraja from movie Aalapiranthavan. This super hit movie was released in 1980’s and the music composed by Isaignani Ilayaraja. Ilayaraja was at his peak in the 80’s , all his songs from 80s are super hits and people like them till date. More than three generations are enjoying the music of Ilayaraja, specifically the songs from 80s composed by Ilayaraja.

Unnayum ennayum is one such song from movie Aalapiranthavan liked by Ilayaraja fans for his music. Enjoyable song , must listen to it.

MSV Songs Kan pona pokkile kaal pogalaama

MSV Songs Kan pona pokkile kaal pogalaama – Is there a parallel to this song ?As MSV himself has mentioned this a song which expresses a story. It has been so beautifully conceived with outstanding orchestration , group singing and the whole song was done in a matter of five six hours with minimum techniques available The end result is a classic …Kan pona pokkile kaal pogalaama …and outstanding violin music by TKR… The solo violin was played by TKR. Madam Jayalalithaa told in their felicitation meeting.. Not to miss the fabulous dancing…..good meaningful melodious song of MSV and TMS combination. Unlike many other MGR songs, in this song MGR shows terrific poise. Evergreen song by MSV.
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Isaikettaal Puvi Asainthaadum – Golden Song by MSV

If you have not listened to Isaikettaal puvi asainthaadum song by MSV, you must listen to it right now to understand why MSV is a greatest music director of Tamil films. This msv song Isaikettal puvi asainthaadum has been composed by MSV in Kalyani. This song used in a movie for a situation where Sivaji Ganesan prays to god to wake up a dead female. He plays divinely music in his Veenai and praying god to heal the dead and to symbolize this, he is praying to god to light the candles that are kept unlighted.

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Ilayaraja Songs from Aagaya Gangai

1. Dheem Dhira
2. Maama Maama
3. Pongum Aagaayam

The above songs are the super hit songs from Aagaaya Gangai composed by Ilayaraja.

1. Dheem Dhira – This cartanic based song composed by Ilayaraja starts with a Mirdhangam rhythm and the song composed in a way that the female singer sings the tune with ‘Dhirana… Dheem Dhiranaa…’ and Male singer sings the same tune with lyrics. This song is composed a carnatic raaga based with a typical carnatic rhythm.

2. Maama Maama – This song starts with a drum loop and Nadhaswaram portion goes quickly before the pallavi begins. This song seems to be sung by Sp. Shailaja.

3. Pongum Aagaayam is another typical romantic song by Ilayaraja, sung by S. Janaki and Ilayaraja himself.

These are the rare songs of Ilayaraja belongs to movies from 80s.

Ilayaraja songs from tamil movie 24 Mani Neram

There two super hit Ilayaraja songs in this 80s tamil movie 24 Mani Neram. The songs by Ilayaraja were hit songs of those days. The songs are:

1. Kulikumbothiley Manasu Ketkaley
2. Kalluri Maanavare

Out of these super hit songs of Ilayaraja, Kulikumbothiley is a romantic song by Ilayaraja composed in 4/4 time. This song sung by sung by Janaki and SPB. Ilayaraja has used extensive bass line throughout the song with a peppy drums pattern. One of the very interesting romantic song composed by Ilayaraja in 80s.

Kalluri Maanavare is a typical college teasing song with a bit faster tempo. Kalluri maanavare song by Ilayaraja, sung by Janaki and S.P. Shailaja, sister of S.P.B. . This song seems to be happening with a fight sequence in the background.

These two songs were real super hit songs of Ilayaraja when the movie released.

A.R. Rahman owes so much to M.S.V for the Oscar Award

A.R. Rahman must handover half of Oscar Award money to M.S.V. Family as he has stolen the cream of old M.S.V Song to make his Jai ho song which won Oscar for him.

Watch both videos and decide yourself. A.R. Rahman just increased the tempo of thulluvatho ilamai song and made it into another Jai ho song. The cream of both songs are same. I can confidently say that A.R. Rahman copied the entire idea of Thulluvatho ilamai song for his jai ho song.


Sollathan ninaikiren song from Kadhal Sugamanathu

Sollathan ninaikiren lovely song from Kadhal Sugamanathu is excellent melody song from tamil movie Kadhal sugamaanadhu movie starring Sneha. One of the good melody song sung by Chitra. The use of mandolin and flute is very good in the song. This super hit melody song from tamil movie is one of the top favourite song many tamilians and others. Superb melody song… listen to the song to understand the beauty of the song.

Vijay songs from Aadhi movie

Vijay movie Aathi has six songs in total with two good melody songs of Vijay and two dance songs danced by Vijay. Vijay’s Aadhi movie contains the following songs in it.

1. Athi Athikka
2. Iruvar Vaazhum
3. Leylakku Leylakku
4. Olli Olli Iduppe
5. Thadakku Thadakku
6. Yei Durai

Vijay song Athi Athika song sung by SPB and Sadhana Sargam.
Ennai Konja Konja Song sung by Hariharan and Sujatha Mohan.
Vijay’s another peppy song Olli Olli Iduppe sung by Karthik and Anuratha Sriram.
Tippu and Saindhavi sung the song Yea Durai which is a opening song of Vijay.
Another Dance number of Vijay Lelakku Lelakku sung by KK and Sujatha Mohan.

In spite of six vijay songs there are only two super hit songs from this super hit Vijay movie.

Kuyile Kuyile Poonguyile Song from Aan Paavam

Kuyile Kuyile Poonguyile Song from Aan Paavam yet another super hit song composed by Ilaiyaraja. One of the happiest melody song composed by him beautifully sung by Chitra and Malaysia Vasudevan.

What a way to open a song… Guitar playing like a bell and an climbing arppegio using violin and the best part of the opening is use of folk drum beats with Nadaswaram. What a combination… I think there is no other music director used such a combination. Fantastic pieace of prelude for a love song. Whatever mood you may be, just play this song and it will bring back your happiness instantly. Just try once and you will agree with me and you will start to love the magic of this song.

Another best thing in this Ilaiyaraja song is the use of flute. In the pallavi of the song the flute plays like a parrat repeating whatever we say.. actually its a counter point to the voice melody and the background bells using piano.

The same instruments used throughout the song and in interludes.

You can listen Kuyile Kuyile song for few 1000 times just for the prelude itself.

And not to forget the young voice of Chitra. This Kuyile Kuyile song from Aanpaavam must have been recorded while she was very new to the film industry.

Such a great melody song of Ilayaraja from super hit tamil movie Aan Paavam.

MSV Songs in Raaga Sindhu Bhairavi

Some songs by MSV in Raaga Sindhu Bhairavi scale are:

1. Pesuvadhu kiLiyaa – sa-ri-sa-ni (pEsuvadhu) sa-ma-ma (kiLiyA);
2. avaL paRandhu pOnALE – dha-dha (avaL) dha-dha-dha (paRandhu) dh-pa-pa-ma (pOnALE);
3. engE nimmadhi – dha-ni (engE) Sa-ni-dha (nimmadhi) pa-dha (engE) ni-dha-pa (nimmadhi);
4. tharai mEl piRakka vaiththAn – sa-sa (tharai) sa-ma (mEl) ma-ma (piRakka) ma-ma-ma (vaiththAn);
5. Aru manamE Aru – sa-sa (Aru) ri-ga-ri (manamE) sa-sa (Aru);
6. pallAkku vAngap pOnEn – sa-ma-pa (pallAkku) dha-dha (vAngap) pa-dha (pOnEn);
7. nAn ANaiyittAl adhu nadandhu vital – ma-dha (nAn) ANaiyittAl (Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa-dha);
8. ammammA kAtru vandhu Adai thottu – Sa-Sa-Sa (ammammA) ni-Sa (kAtru) ni-dha (vandhu) pa-dha (Adai) pa-ma (thottu);
9. padiththAnE – Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa-Ri-Sa-Ri-Sa-ni (padaiththAnE) ni-Sa-ni-dha-ni-Sa (padaiththAnE);
10. thErEdhu silaiyEdhu – dha-pa-ma (thErEdhu) dha-dha-pa-ma (silaiyEdhu) (immediately there is a Ga in thirunALEdhu);
11. satti suttadhadA – Sa-Sa (satti) ni-Sa-ni-ni (suttadhadA);
12. ennai yArendru eNNi eNNi – sa-ma (ennai) ga-ri-sa (yArendu) sa-sa (eNNi) ri-na (eNNi);
13. Adaludan pAdalai kEttu – pa-pa-pa-pa (Adaludan) pa-dha-dha-pa (pAdalai) ma-ga (kEttu);
14. Annamitta kaigaLukku – Sa-Sa-Ri-Sa (annamitta) ni-ni-ni-Sa (kaigaLukku).

As always, to add beautiful touches, MSV also uses notes outside the scale in some places. The “ri” in Sindhu bhairavi usually gives a sad feeling. But MSV uses the scale for jolly mood in pEsuvadhu kiLiyA, Adaludan pAdalai kEttu, nAn ANaiyittAl etc.

Favourite raaga for MSV

Actually there is nothing called Favourite raga for MSV. He will create a song – it is for fans and knowledgeable ones to decode, decipher and find the contents – including raga or not, or deviated form of a raga etc…. i read somewhere once – one Mannar fan had written that, since it is not possible to find ragas etc of MSV songs, it is better to start a new series of ragas starting with Viswa – like VISWAMOHANAM, VISWAKALYANI etc…
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Nenjukulle Innarunnu Sonnal Puriyuma Yet another evergreen super hit tamil song by Ilayaraja

Nenjukulle Innarunnu Sonnal Puriyuma Yet another evergreen super hit tamil song by Ilayaraja from a Karthi Movie Ponnnumani is another super hit tamil song by Ilayaraja, you can say Nenjukulle Innarunnu Sonnal Puriyuma Song is an evergreen super hit song of Ilayaraja. This songs is composed in 6-8 swing style with some soul touching flute pieces.

Great work by Maestro, if you notice Ilayaraja has many hit songs composed in 6-8 straight or 6-8 swing style. In fact 6-8 songs are always catchy and Indians love them, particularly south indian dance to any songs in 6-8 time signature.

Ilayaraja has many super hit songs in 6-8 format right from the days when he newly entered the cinema industry. In fact his first song ‘machaana paathingalaa’ itself in 6-8 meter.

Nenjukulle innarunnu is yet another super hit and also an ever green song by Maestro Ilayaraja

Watch the song to feel the jumpy beats of 6-8 rhythm along with guitars.. Awesome!

White Girls Singing Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maamazhai Tamil Song

White Girls Singing Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maamazhai Tamil Song

Wow! They are white girls with English accent and they are singing tamil song so fluently. Fantastic!

To add more, they are singing the Nenjukkul Peidhidum Maamazhai Song as it is in the original song with exact tune and fluent lyrics.

You must watch this video to Enjoy this little feat!
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Another Super hit song by Ilaiyaraja

Anandha kuyilin paattu from Kaadhalukku Mariyaathai is yet another super hit song composed by Ilaiyaraja. The speciality of this song is the portion sung by kids with English lyrics. This portion of the song actually lifts you in the air and you feel like floating on the air. Just listen to this super melody song once again to re-live the feeling.

Ilaiyaraaja has done wonderful job while the transition of the song happens from the usual guitar strumming and 6-8 beat to a completely westernized harmony singing. Wondeful!. If you still not understood what I am trying to say here, you must listen to the song … right now!.

Janani Janani Song – a little piece of information by Ilayaraja

Janani Janani song from tamil movie Thaai Moogambigai, what a song? It is one of the good songs of Ilayaraja that comes to your mind once you think of good songs of Ilayaraja.
A beautiful and soulful devotional melody song composed by Ilayaraja. This song has become the opening song for all Ilayaraja Concerts and even Yuvan shankar Raja concerts. Not only for them but for the all Light music tamil Orchestra groups all over the world. Such a great song of Ilayaraja praising Thaai moogambigai.

Once Ilayaraja said that after completing the composing of this song he found a small piece of paper flying towards him and he picked it up and read what’s in it. He said that it was written ‘BhajaGovindham’ in tamil. And he said that he was surprised to realize that the entire Janani janani song was in the meter of “BhajaGovindham” which is a devotional song itself.

Ilayaraja added that “may be god wanted this song to be in the meter of Bhajagovindham..”

It’s a little piece of information on Janani Janani song by Ilayaraja – an evergreen super hit song by Ilayaraja.

Super hit song of Ilayaraja that is special

Supe hit song Kaathal Kasakkuthaiyyaa from Aan Paavam – This song is so special because this songs is by Ilayaraja himself but that’s the special thing as he has sang many more songs. The speciality in this song is that Ilayaraja has sung this song like a carnatic song but the song is actually a folk melody and a teasing song. The way he has sung like a carnatic vocal musician makes this song special. It’s bit of comedy song and teasing one but seriously or jokingly sung like a carnatic song.

Just listen to this song for the specialty in it. You must be amazed to see this songs as super hit song of Ilayaraja. But this song has been selected as super hit song of Ilaiyaraja for the uniqueness in it and there are some speciality in this song that made it tot be selected as super hit song of Ilayaraja. Just listen to the song to understand the speciality.

Super hit tamil songs from latest tamil movies

Here is a list of super hit tamil songs from recent tamil movies. This list consists of movies from all actors and directors.

1. Yaaro manathile song from movie Dham Dhoom, this song sung by Bombay Jayashree and Krish

2. Adhaikoodava song from Jayam Kondaan, sung by Sriram Parthasarathy

3. Adada Adada Adada song from tamil movie Santosh Sumbramaniyam sung by Siddarth is a good peppy and super hit song from Jayam Ravi movie.

4. Mukuntha Mukuntha song from Dasavatharam, a super hit kamal haasan movie. This songs was composed by Bollywood Music Director Himesh Reshammiya. He has done a good job in this song.

5. Kangal Irandaal song from Subramanyapuram, composed by new comer James Vasanthan. A slow, melodic super hit song.

Top 5 Romantic Tamil Songs from Dhanush Movies

Here is a list of 16 romantic songs of Dhanush from his tamil movies. All these Tamil romantic songs are very pleasing to listen and mind calming numbers. Dhanush and Yuvan Shankar Raja combination has given many beautiful romantic melody songs in recent times. You will really get romantic listening to these songs:

Here it goes:

1. Devathaiyai Kanden song from 7G rainbow colony – This the first romantic songs that comes to mind from Dhanush movies, great tamil melody and romantic song!

2. Vizikalil Vizhikali sung by Harish Ragavendra – Another super hit tamil song and a beautiful romantic song from Dhanush movie.

3. Minnalgal Koothaadum Mazhaikaalam – beautifull sung by Karthik and Bombay Jayashri, yet another mindblowing melodic tamil song having romantic feel.

4. Azhagey Brammanidam – again sung by Harish Ragavendra, a beautiful super hit tamil song of Dhanush, again a very melodic and romantic song

5. Idhu Kathala song – another romantic melody song from tamil movies of dhanush sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Chords for Ek Do Teen song from Movie Anjaan

Chords for tamil song Ek Do Teen song from Movie Anjaan.
Ek Do Teen song is in F# Major Scale and Uses the chords F F# G# C# A# Minor and D# Minor.

Here are the chords for entire song:

Adi ek do Teen chaar otthukkadi
E——————6————————- E
B—-6-6—7–9———–9—-7–9-6–7—– B
Naan ononnaa Solli tharren katthukadi
E——————-6-6————————– E
B—–7—-7-9–9———9–7—-7–9-6–7—— B
Saanji paatha suthudhadi
E—-9–11—9–7—7–9–6-7—— E
Nenju thee teeya pathudhadi
E—-7–7—6—6———————- E
B——————9–7–9-6–7——– B
Adi sakkaratthai Kattikittu kaal aada
Ennai thalli ninnu Nenjoram naan theda
E—-9-9–9-11-13–11—9–9-9-9–13—11-9—– E
En nethiya than Thottu ippo mazhai paada
E—-6–6-7–9—11—11-9–9-7–9–7—-6-6— E
Adhu nattanadu Udhatukku paaindhoda
E—-6-6–6-7–9-11—11-9–9-7–9–7—-6-6— E
Malai mela Pogum megam ellaam
E—-9–9–13-11–11-9–11-9—7–6—– E
Ippo thalai mela vandhu Thottu thottu thooruthe
E—-6–6–6–7–9-7–9—7—9–7—7–6————- E
B——————————————-9–7–6— B

Ek Do Teen – Kuthu Song from movie Anjaan

Surya’s latest tamil kuththu song Ek do teen from anjaan is a typical kuthu song sung by Surya himself. It is surya’s first attempt to sing a film song and a Kuthu Song. This superb tamil kuthu song composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. This tamil kuthu song is one of the best kuthu songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and Lingusamy combination.

Lingusamy and Yuvan has composed many tamil kuthu songs in a number of tamil movies in recent times. Lingusamy as a director likes to have kuthu songs and item songs in his tamil movies that he directos or produces. If you notice all of Lingusamy’s movies will have a tamil item song or kuthu song that is very popular kuthu song of a period that the film was made.

Even Surya and Yuvan Shankar Raja combination too have many kuthu songs in the tamil movies that they worked together.

Maanja song from Maan Karate

Anirudh song maanja from Maan Karate starring Siva Karthikeyan is another hit song by Anirudh Ravichander. Maanja song sung by Anirudh himself and he has done excellent job as a singer. As a music director Anirudh has used Tamil local instrument ‘Thavil’ in modern peppy song differently. With som groovy rhythms this song stands out in the movie Maan Karate. Anirudh’s Maanja song from Maan Karate is yet another hit song by Anirudh and Siva Karthikeyan combination.

Sivakarthikeyan in Maanja song has done good in his dance part. Movie after movie Siva Karthikeyan is improving in acting as well as dancing. Maanja song from Maan Karate is another latest hit song from tamil movies.

Original Version of Oh Penne Penne Song

Anirudh song oh penne penne was originally composed by Anirudh along with Lady Kash in which Anirudh sings the entire song and the lyrics written by Lady Kash and the same song was used in Vanakkam Chennai movie with minor changes. Here is the original version of Oh Penne Penne composed by Anirudh. This video is produced by Sathialingam under Sony Music Banner. The Dancers are Siti and Dinesh K.

In this origial version the tempo of the song is bit slow and also the rap part is different from the version used in Vannakkam Chennai movie. Though anirudh has done well in this original song, Vishal Dadlani has done better than Anirudh in Vanakkam Chennai version.

Oh Penne Penne Song from Vanakkam Chennai

Anirudh Song Oh Penne Penne from the latest tamil movie Vanakkam Chennai is a mindblowing melody song composed by young music sensation Anirudh Ravichander. The movie starring Shiva, Priya Anand and Santhanam. Ohh Penne Penne song is a love song composed with a catchy hook filled the entire song and Anirudh teases the lister in the beginning by not adding drums at all for half a minute and it makes the listener to eagerly wait for the rhythm section to come in. This is an fantastic idea to keep the listener engaged with the song and Anirudh has done fantastic job with this song.

Anirudh also has sang this song in parts along with the lead singer Vishal Dadlani, a good job here by Anirudh except the high pitched harmony section which sounds unwanted in a otherwise a fantastic composition.

Enjoy this one of the best tamil melody songs in recent times.

Indha Ponnungale Song from Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam

Indha Ponnungale Song from Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam is one of the good songs from latest tamil movies. This song is from latest tamil movie Varuthapadatha vaalibar sangam starring Sivakarthikeyan and others. The song is sung by Jayamoorthy and the music composed by D. Imman. The lyrics of Intha ponnungalae song written by Yugabharathy. Enjoyable tamil song starring sivakarthikeyan from his latest movie Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam.
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Oru Ora Ora Parvai song from Desingu Raja

Ora ora parvai song from Desingu Raja is the latest popular tamil song by tamil music director D. Imman. The lyrics of this latest tamil song written by Yugabharathi. This super hit tamil song from movie Desingu Raja starring Vimala and Bindhumathavi is set to be one of the popular songs of 2013. The tune of the song is bit new and lyrics seems to be composed first. It is evident that the lyrics of the songs written first and the tune made after that. If the beats and tempo of the song was bit faster then the song could have been a super hit tamil song of 2013.

Hit song composed by D. Imman. Enjoyable Song.

Guitar Chords Tamil Song Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu

Guitar Chords Tamil Song Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu by Illayaraja. Guitar chords for super hit tamil song thoongatha vizhigal rendu, one of the super hit songs of Ilayaraja. This video explains how to play thoongatha vizhigal rendu song on guitar and the chords are explained in a very easy manner to understand about the usage of chords in this one of the evergreen melodies of Ilayaraja.

Watch and learn Guitar chords for tamil song Thoongatha Vizhigal Rendu.
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Guitar Cover for Yaar Indha Saalai Oram Song from Thalaivaa

Guitar cover rendition for Yaar indha saalai oram song from lates tamil movie thalaivaa, exellent rendition by Mahesh. Good to listen!

This song is from Vijay’s latest tamil movie Thalaivaa!

Great melody song composed by G.V Prakashkumar for Vijay and Amala Paul starrer Tamil movie Thalaivaa releasing on this Independence Day.

Guitar lesson for Bhoomi Enna Suththuthe song from Ethir Neechal

Guitar lesson and guitar tabs for Bhoomi Enna Suththuthe song from movie Ethirneechal composed by Anirudh. Fantastic song mixture or melodic tune with modern orchestration. Lates tamil movie Ethirneechal has some great songs composed by Anirudh.

This guitrar lesson teaches you guitar tabs fro Ethir neechal song Bhoomi Enna Suthuthe. Mr. Suresh explains the chords of the song and he demonstrates how to play the guitar tabs fro the song Boomi enna suthuthe song.
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Kadal Raasa from Mariyaan

Kadal Raasa from Mariyaan – What a song! .. excellent song with lot of emotions in it, extra-ordinary song by AR rahman and Yuvan Shankar Raja combination. Song composed by AR. Rahman and the song sung by Yuvan Shankar Raaja. This is the first time Music director Yuvan Shankar Raja singing for AR Rahman for Dhanush movie Mariyaan.

Yuvan Shankar Raaja has excelled as a great singer in this song.. What a emotion filled singing… wonderful rendition by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

The lyrics of kadal raasa song written by Dhanush. Good lyrics explaining the situation in movie well.
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Sonapareeya song from Mariyaan

Sonapareeya song from Mariyaan – a latest tamil song composed by oscar winning music composer A.R. Rahman. Sonapareeya song from latets Dhanush movie Mariyaan, this song has all the qualities to be a chart buster with as usual A.R. rahman ingredients. A.R. Rahman has excelled a simple tune with lot of experiments and mixing genres together, sometimes this song sounds like Kilimanjaro song from Enthiran, may be because singer Javed Ali has sung this song too with Haricharan.
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Yaar Indha Saalai Oram from Thalaivaa

Yaar Indha Saalai Oram from Thalaivaa, latest tamil song from Vijay’s latest movie Thalaivaa starring Vijay, Amala Paul, Sathyaraj and Santhanam. This latest vijay song composed by G.V. Prakash Kumar. Yaar in the Saalai Oram song from thalaivaa sung by GV prakash kumar and Sainthavi. Yaar intha saalai oram song lyrics written by Na. Muthukumar. This latest vijay movie is directed by director Vijay.

G.V Prakash Kumar could have given the male lead to some other singer as he sound like has some kind of nasal block. Sainthavi has done a good job in this song Yaar Indha Saalai Oram from Thalaivaa and the music is of average type not so impressive. The string section is so pethatic and oboe playing throughout the song is boring.

G.V. Prakash kumar has composed some superb melody songs in recent times but this song from thalaivaa sounds very average.

Kannukulle Song from Singam II

Kannukulle Song from Singam II is utter copy of “Vachikava unna mattum nenjukulle” – a popular hit song by Ilayaraja. The only difference is that this new song from Singam 2 sounds a desperate remix of the old Ilayaraja song. Singam II movie is a sequal of Surya movie Singam and the movie singam 2 is made by the same actors and technicians.

Devi Sri Prasad has remixed this song, one of the dance number from latest tamil movie Singam II. Singam dance is another song form Singam II movie sounds like Robo dance from blockbuster movie Enthiran.
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Velicha Poove Vaa Song from Ethir Neechal

Velicha Poove Vaa Song from Ethir Neechal is excellent song composed by new music sensation Anirudh Ravichander. Velicha Poove vaa is part of latest tamil movie Ethir Neechal starring Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand Nandita. This latest tamil movie Ethir Neechal produced by Dhanush. Excellent editing by Noor Azwan and fabulous cinematography by Velraj.

Anirudh has nicely used flutes and Guitars in combination to create a new modern sound which sounds fresh.

As usual Shreya Ghoshal has done fabulous job in this song with new comer singer Mohit Chauhan who sounds little older voice, may be he was selected to suit siva karthikeyan’s voice.

Lyrics written by Veteran lyricist Vaalee. As alway Vaalee has excelled in this song too. He is the most experienced lyricist in tamil film industry and he admires everyone writing extraordinary songs even at this era of internet, cellphones and ipads…Good old man with modern mind!

Enjoyable song by Anirudh.

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Moongil Thottam from Kadal

Moongil thottam song from tamil movie kadal is an hit song by AR rahman. Tamil movie kadal directed by Mani Ratnam and background music and songs composed by AR rahman.

When talking about Kadal songs Lyricist Vairamuthu said that he feels that his lyrics have improved since he has joined with Maniratnam for his movies. He also thanked Rahman for composing good music to the songs in Kadal songs.

He also said that the has not written lyrics for tunes for Kadal Songs. He revealed that he has written the lyrics before the tune has been made for the songs.

Moongil thottam is one of the good songs from tamil movie Kadal released in 2013. Moongil thottam is one of the hit songs of 2013 and one of the ar rahmans hit songs.

Listen to AR rahman and Mani Ratrnam’s Kadal Songs. Enjoyable music by AR Rahman.

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Ennodu vaa vaa endru song from tamil movie neethane en pon vasantham

Ennodu vaa vaa song from latest tamil movie Neethane en pon vasantham is an great tamil song by Maestro Ilayaraja. After long time Ilayaraja has composed songs for this Gautam menon movie using 80s styles.

This popular tamil song sounds very humble with soul touching background music for the song. Another master piece by Maestro. Enjoy this latest Ilayaraja song from Neethane in pon vasantham. Neethane en ponvasantham starring Jiiva and Samantha directed by Gautam Menon.

Music by Maestro Ilayaraja. Enjoyable tamil song by Ilayaraja. This is one of the best songs of 2012.

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Sollitaley ava kaadhala song from Kumki

Latest tamil song sollitaley ava kaadhala song from tamil movie Kumki is one of the super hit tamil songs of year 2012. Tamil movie Kumki directed by Prabhu Nepal, music by Imaan. Tamil movie Kumki starring Vikram Prabu and Lakshmi Menon released in year 2012 and one of the super hit tamil movies of year 2012. Sollitaley song from Kumki topped charts when it released and one of the good songs composed by Imaan.
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Karki Talks about making of Google google song from Thuppaakki

“When we finalized the tune and the lyrics for the gooogle google song, we were discussing about who is going to sing the song. Harris Jayaraj came up with an idea of Vijay himself singing the song with Andrea. He also said that he like the asku laska song sung by vijay in a stage for nanban promo and this song will suit Vijay as this song is in his voice range and with Andrea also singing the song will be stylish and good to listen. Then after few days the recording took place. Vijay was enjoying the song while singing, he was making steps for dancing while singing the song” says Karki

Google Google song from Thuppakki

Vijay Song Google Google song from Thuppakki – song composed by Harris Jayaraj for vijay movie Thuppakki. This song sounds like more of a old english song, may be harris copied the plot of the song.Google google song sung by Vijay himself and Andrea Jeremiah, Joe and Krishna Iyer.

Good try by Vijay for the rap part of the song. Andrea has done a good job in the rap section. “Meet my Meet my boyfriend” is a utter copy from a famous english song..

Lot of stomper created sounds used in this song by Harris but nothing impresses, in fact they create head ache to you. Harris… this is not your cup of tea…worst song of the album.
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Alaikaa Laikaa from Thuppakki

Hariss Jayaraj Song Alaikaa Laikaa from Thuppakki is a Rock song composed by Harris Jayaraj for latest vijay tamil movie Thuppakki. May be a good dance song from latest tamil movies. Alaikaa song sung by Javed Ali, Sayanora Philip and Sharmila. Listenable song by Harris Jayaraj. As usual this hariss jayaraj song contains lot of meaningless words like “laku buku saga”, “dOing..Doingg” etc. The singers have done excellent job in this latest vijay song. Enjoyable Vijay and harris jayaraj song.

Antartica song from Thuppakki

Antartica song from Thuppakki is sung by Vijay Prakash, Krish, Rajeev and Devan. The music composed by Harris Jayaraj and the lyrics written by Karky Vairamuthu. Different kind of composition by Harris Jayaraj sounds good. The use of Bass guitars are excellent in this Vijay song. This popular vijay song antartica from vijay movie thuppakki tops the charts of all over the places of tamil popular songs. Enjoyable vijay song. The lyrics of antartica is worst by Karky.

Vijay Song Kuttipuli Kootam from Thuppakki

Vijay Song Kuttipuli Kootam from Thuppakki is an excellent fast punjabi beats song from vijays latest tamil movie Thuppaki starring Vijay and Kajal Agarwal. Kuttipuli kootam is a superhit tamil song composed by Harris Jayaraj and the song sung by Hariharan, Tippu, Narayana, Satyan and Ranina. Excellent and first time pubjabi style composing by Harris Jayaraj. Enjoyable Vijay song from movie Thuppakki. Lyrics written by Viveka. The starting beats of this song sounds like “ella pugazhum oruvan oruvanuke” from Azhagiya Tamil Magan.

Vennilave song from Thuppakki

Vijay song Vennilave from tamil movie Thuppakki. This contains some good lyrics by Na. Muthukumar. This latest vijay song sung my Hariharan and Bombay Jayashree. Hariharan is good as usual. Bombay Jayashree sounds same like “Vaseegara”… ‘madam this song was a new one may be you are still in vaseegara mood’. May be the director asked for a vaseegara style song from Harris Jayaraj. This song is just boring…. You will not listen it again if you listen once.

Saindhu Saindhu Song from Neethaane En Ponvasantham

Saindhu Saindhu Song from Neethaane En Ponvasantham – superb melody song by Ilayaraja. After long time Ilayaraja worked in a film with Gautam Menon. The songs from Neethane en Ponvasantham are topping the charts of 2012. Saindhu Saindhu Song from Neethaane En Ponvasantham is a super hit melody songs of Ilayaraja in 2012. One of the best slow melody songs in 2012. Ilayaraja has excelled again in his composing skills for a new generation movie. Enjoy his excellency in this song at interlude starting at 3:29 onwards. Enjoyable Ilayaraja song.

Nee Paartha Vizhigal song from tamil movie 3

Nee Paartha Vizhigal song from tamil movie 3 – latest super hit tamil melody song from dhanush movie 3 starring Dhanush and Sruthi Haasan, music composed by Anirudh Ravichander. Excellent composition by Anirudh, a super hit melody song in 2011 and in recent time. A cool dhanush sruthi haasan song from tamil movie 3 . Enjoyable melody song.

Kannazhaga song from tamil movie 3

Kannazhaga song tamil movie 3 – latest tamil song starring Dhanush and Sruthi Haassan. One of the good melody tamil songs in recent times. Music composed by Anirudh Ravichander. Tamil movie 3 directed Aishwarya Dhanush. Good tamil song, a dhanush song. Aishwarya looks hot in this superhit tamil song of 2011.

Muthangal Song from movie Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai

Muthangal Song from movie Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai – latest tamil song from tamil movie Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai starring new faces Vishwa and Tanvi Vyas. This movie directed by P.V. Prasath and music composed by A.J. Daniel. This new tamil song Muthangal Song from movie Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai is sounds very similar to ‘Un thalaimudi’ song. Not only the song, the video also very similar to un thalaimudi song.