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Original Version of Oh Penne Penne Song

Anirudh song oh penne penne was originally composed by Anirudh along with Lady Kash in which Anirudh sings the entire song and the lyrics written by Lady Kash and the same song was used in Vanakkam Chennai movie with minor changes. Here is the original version of Oh Penne Penne composed by Anirudh. This video is produced by Sathialingam under Sony Music Banner. The Dancers are Siti and Dinesh K.

In this origial version the tempo of the song is bit slow and also the rap part is different from the version used in Vannakkam Chennai movie. Though anirudh has done well in this original song, Vishal Dadlani has done better than Anirudh in Vanakkam Chennai version.

Oh Penne Penne Song from Vanakkam Chennai

Anirudh Song Oh Penne Penne from the latest tamil movie Vanakkam Chennai is a mindblowing melody song composed by young music sensation Anirudh Ravichander. The movie starring Shiva, Priya Anand and Santhanam. Ohh Penne Penne song is a love song composed with a catchy hook filled the entire song and Anirudh teases the lister in the beginning by not adding drums at all for half a minute and it makes the listener to eagerly wait for the rhythm section to come in. This is an fantastic idea to keep the listener engaged with the song and Anirudh has done fantastic job with this song.

Anirudh also has sang this song in parts along with the lead singer Vishal Dadlani, a good job here by Anirudh except the high pitched harmony section which sounds unwanted in a otherwise a fantastic composition.

Enjoy this one of the best tamil melody songs in recent times.