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Aaruyire song from movie Guru

Aaruyire from Guru – A master piece song by A.R Rahman composed for the hindi Movie Guru starring Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachan. The film was dubbed in tamil with same songs with lyrics dubbed in Tamil. The songs from this movie was super hit. The song aaruyuire mannippaaya sung by A.R. Rahman himself and Chinmayee with a great musical composition by A. R. Rahman.

Humma Humma Song from Tamil movie Bombay

AR Rahman song Humma Humma -(antha arabi kadaloram) Song from Tamil movie Bombay is yet another dance song composed by Ar Rahman. AR rahman has composed many dance songs for tamil movies in 1990s and early 2000s. Humma Humma from Bombay is one of the best dance songs. The dance in this song performed by Prabhu deva’s younger brother. Excellent dance song by ar rahman from tamil movie Bombay. Enjoyable tamil dance song.

Mukkala Mukkabula song from Kadhalan

AR Rahman Song Mukkala Mukkabula song from Kadhalan is one of the best dance songs composed for tamil movies. A.R. Rahman was famous for his dance songs and mukala mukabula is ar rahmans best dance song. Dance performed by Prabhudeva another veteran dancer in tamil movies. Excellent and enjoyable dance song by AR Rahman.