Ilayaraja and 2 stanza songs

Ilayaraja may be a trendsetter for 2 stanza songs. In other case, he shortened the time of a song.
But if you listen to this Annakili Unnai thedude(Female) was a 3 stanza song.
If you listen, Vazhu mattum Nanmaikaga- from Kali. is a 3 stanza song.
After that Podhuvaga en manasu thangam from Murattu Kalai. is a 2 stanza song.
He may be a trendsetter. After 1990 we seldom get a 3 stanza songs in Tamil.
One thing is great with Ilayaraja. Whether it is 3 or 2 stanzas he always gives importance to lyrics and it is easily audible with his music.