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Super hit song of Ilayaraja that is special

Supe hit song Kaathal Kasakkuthaiyyaa from Aan Paavam – This song is so special because this songs is by Ilayaraja himself but that’s the special thing as he has sang many more songs. The speciality in this song is that Ilayaraja has sung this song like a carnatic song but the song is actually a folk melody and a teasing song. The way he has sung like a carnatic vocal musician makes this song special. It’s bit of comedy song and teasing one but seriously or jokingly sung like a carnatic song.

Just listen to this song for the specialty in it. You must be amazed to see this songs as super hit song of Ilayaraja. But this song has been selected as super hit song of Ilaiyaraja for the uniqueness in it and there are some speciality in this song that made it tot be selected as super hit song of Ilayaraja. Just listen to the song to understand the speciality.