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Nenjukulle Innarunnu Sonnal Puriyuma Yet another evergreen super hit tamil song by Ilayaraja

Nenjukulle Innarunnu Sonnal Puriyuma Yet another evergreen super hit tamil song by Ilayaraja from a Karthi Movie Ponnnumani is another super hit tamil song by Ilayaraja, you can say Nenjukulle Innarunnu Sonnal Puriyuma Song is an evergreen super hit song of Ilayaraja. This songs is composed in 6-8 swing style with some soul touching flute pieces.

Great work by Maestro, if you notice Ilayaraja has many hit songs composed in 6-8 straight or 6-8 swing style. In fact 6-8 songs are always catchy and Indians love them, particularly south indian dance to any songs in 6-8 time signature.

Ilayaraja has many super hit songs in 6-8 format right from the days when he newly entered the cinema industry. In fact his first song ‘machaana paathingalaa’ itself in 6-8 meter.

Nenjukulle innarunnu is yet another super hit and also an ever green song by Maestro Ilayaraja

Watch the song to feel the jumpy beats of 6-8 rhythm along with guitars.. Awesome!

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Janani Janani Song – a little piece of information by Ilayaraja

Janani Janani song from tamil movie Thaai Moogambigai, what a song? It is one of the good songs of Ilayaraja that comes to your mind once you think of good songs of Ilayaraja.
A beautiful and soulful devotional melody song composed by Ilayaraja. This song has become the opening song for all Ilayaraja Concerts and even Yuvan shankar Raja concerts. Not only for them but for the all Light music tamil Orchestra groups all over the world. Such a great song of Ilayaraja praising Thaai moogambigai.

Once Ilayaraja said that after completing the composing of this song he found a small piece of paper flying towards him and he picked it up and read what’s in it. He said that it was written ‘BhajaGovindham’ in tamil. And he said that he was surprised to realize that the entire Janani janani song was in the meter of “BhajaGovindham” which is a devotional song itself.

Ilayaraja added that “may be god wanted this song to be in the meter of Bhajagovindham..”

It’s a little piece of information on Janani Janani song by Ilayaraja – an evergreen super hit song by Ilayaraja.

Super hit song of Ilayaraja that is special

Supe hit song Kaathal Kasakkuthaiyyaa from Aan Paavam – This song is so special because this songs is by Ilayaraja himself but that’s the special thing as he has sang many more songs. The speciality in this song is that Ilayaraja has sung this song like a carnatic song but the song is actually a folk melody and a teasing song. The way he has sung like a carnatic vocal musician makes this song special. It’s bit of comedy song and teasing one but seriously or jokingly sung like a carnatic song.

Just listen to this song for the specialty in it. You must be amazed to see this songs as super hit song of Ilayaraja. But this song has been selected as super hit song of Ilaiyaraja for the uniqueness in it and there are some speciality in this song that made it tot be selected as super hit song of Ilayaraja. Just listen to the song to understand the speciality.

Ilaiyaraja songs from Annakili

Ilaiyaraja songs from Annakili

Annakili was the first movie of Ilaiyaraja as a music composer. Annakili movie was released in the year 1976 starring Sivakumar. All the songs from Annakili were super hit and the movies success too credited to it’s music.

There were five songs in the movie Annakili.

1. Annakiliye Unna theduthey
A folk song sung by S. Janaki with beautiful jumping rhythms and the song a hill side village in the movie where a female shepered sings about her life. This song has some unique happiness while listening to it.

2. Machana Paathingala
The beautiful folk song composed by Ilayaraja even before the movie annakili and the song was used for this movie. In the movie the heroine sings about her marriage in imagination. The song ends with the lines ‘Manasara vaazthungalen engal kulam vaazha vaazhthungalen’ … may be this line has come true in the life of Ilaiyaraja. His entire family today in limelight because this song and the movie.

3. Annakiliye Unnatheduthey
The sad version of the first happy song, sung by the one and only TMS. This was the first time that the same song made for both emotions happy and sad. This also proved the musical knowledge of Ilaiyaraja.

4. Sontham Illai
Another sad song sung by P. Suseela , TMS and P. Suseela were at ther peak at the time this movie annakili was released.

5. Muthu Muthu
A happy and celebration song sung by S. Janaki, the song is about preparation for a marriage in the house and all the preparation work explained and the workers sing this song and prepare the things for marriage. Good lyrics and a simple and happier song and in the end the herioine feels sad about her fate as the hero marries another girl. the song ends with a sad emotion. Fantastic composition.

Annakiliye Unna theduthey song from Annakili

Annakiliye Unna theduthey song from Annakili, the first ever super hit song of Ilaiyaraja from movie annakili released in the year 1976. Producer Panju Arunachalam gave the first chance as a music composer for Ilaiyaraja in this movie Annakili. All five songs from Annakili became super hit of the year and till now they all are ever green songs.

It is said that Ilaiyaraja wanted Latha Mangeshkar sing the Annakiliye unna theduthey song but he could not get the dates of Latha Mangeshkar as she was too busy at that time, Ilaiyaraja chose S. Janaki to sing the song she too was a well established singer at that time.

Annakiliye Unnatheduthey was the first ever super hit song of Ilayaraja and it made people recognize Ilayaraja as a talented music composer.

If you like Ilayaraja songs, you must listen to beautiful song to experience the happiness and freshness in the song.