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Naan Sonnadhum Song from movie Mayakkam Enna

Naan Sonnadhum Song from movie Mayakkam Enna – Latest dhanush song from latest tamil movie Mayakkam enna, music composed by GV Prakash. Another excellent song composed by GV Prakash for a dhanush movie in 2011. Latest Dhanush and gv prakash songs are becoming chart busters. Enjoyable song.

Oru Murai Latest Tamil Song from movie Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal

Latest tamil song Oru Murai from latest tamil song from tamil movie Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal is another hit song from music director G.V. Prakash. In recent times, GV prakash has composed many hit songs and Muppozhuthum Un Karpanaigal songs are good songs from him in the year 2011. This song is one of the hit songs of 2011.

Akkam Pakkam Yaarumilla – Tamil melody song from movie Kreedam

Akkam Pakkam from Tamil movie Kreedam starring Ajith and Trisha. A superb melody song of the recent times beautifully composed by young music director G.V. Prakash Kumar who composed another notable melody of recent times “uruguthey maruguthey” from Veyil. This nephew of A.R. Rahman has scored some notable tamil melody songs in recent times. Akkam Pakkam yaarumilla tamil song will be remembered for it’s melodic tune and for the singer Sadhana Sargam who amazes everyone while singing in fluent tamil despite of being a north indian. Enjoyable song.