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Ilayaraja songs from tamil movie 24 Mani Neram

There two super hit Ilayaraja songs in this 80s tamil movie 24 Mani Neram. The songs by Ilayaraja were hit songs of those days. The songs are:

1. Kulikumbothiley Manasu Ketkaley
2. Kalluri Maanavare

Out of these super hit songs of Ilayaraja, Kulikumbothiley is a romantic song by Ilayaraja composed in 4/4 time. This song sung by sung by Janaki and SPB. Ilayaraja has used extensive bass line throughout the song with a peppy drums pattern. One of the very interesting romantic song composed by Ilayaraja in 80s.

Kalluri Maanavare is a typical college teasing song with a bit faster tempo. Kalluri maanavare song by Ilayaraja, sung by Janaki and S.P. Shailaja, sister of S.P.B. . This song seems to be happening with a fight sequence in the background.

These two songs were real super hit songs of Ilayaraja when the movie released.