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Saindhu Saindhu Song from Neethaane En Ponvasantham

Saindhu Saindhu Song from Neethaane En Ponvasantham – superb melody song by Ilayaraja. After long time Ilayaraja worked in a film with Gautam Menon. The songs from Neethane en Ponvasantham are topping the charts of 2012. Saindhu Saindhu Song from Neethaane En Ponvasantham is a super hit melody songs of Ilayaraja in 2012. One of the best slow melody songs in 2012. Ilayaraja has excelled again in his composing skills for a new generation movie. Enjoy his excellency in this song at interlude starting at 3:29 onwards. Enjoyable Ilayaraja song.

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Pudhiya poovidhu Song from Movie Thendrale Ennai Thodu

Ilayaraja Song Pudhiya poovidhu Song from Movie Thendrale Ennai Thodu – A master piece from Ilayaraja. Pudiya poovidu song is so popular for its ground breaking instrumentation of the song. The music arrangement is iconoclastic and is completely avant garde in style as compared to the music we ve been listening. Ilayaraja’s songs from 70s and 80s are the all time best tamil songs of Tamil cinema.

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Santhana Kaatre Senthamizh Ootre From Movie Thanikaattu Raja

Santhana Kaatre Senthamiz Ootre – Ilayaraja song from 80s Tamil Movie Thanikaattu Raja. Another master piece from Maestro Ilayaraja. The song has a great feel right from the beginning till the end. Starring Superstar Rajnikanth, Sridevi. One of the best Superstar Rajnikanth Songs and Sridevi Songs from 80s. This melody tamil song from 80s tamil movie is one of the all time superhit songs of Ilayaraja.

Vanitha Mani Vana Mohini Tamil Song from Movie Vikram

Ilayaraja Song Vanitha Mani Vana Mohini Tamil Song from Movie Vikram – Yet another master piece from Ilayaraja probably the first song in tamil belongs to abstract hip hop genre. This song will be a all time super hit song from tamil movies. Once again the super hit combination of Ilayaraja, SPB, Janaki. This trio simply rocked tamil film music in 80s. Hit tamil Songs from 80s mostly belonged to this combination.

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Aagaaya Gangai Tamil Melody Song from Movie Dharma Yutham

Ilayaraja Song Aagaaya Gangai Tamil Melody Song From Movie Dharma Yutham – A masterpiece by Ilayaraja. What a glorious composition! The successful combination of 80s tamil songs, the highlights of this songs are: Ilayaraja’s music,Janaki’s voice,Rajini’s majestic walk( what a walk!), Picturisation,Chorus Humming,Lyrics and not to forget Sridevi’s cuteness.

Kannan Oru Kai Kuzhandai Tamil Song from Movie Bhathrakaali

Kannan Oru Kai Kuzhandai from Movie Bhathrakaali – one of the very early songs of Ilayaraja that still remains absolute attention grabber when it gets played. Mind blowing melody song perfectly enriched by Jesudas deep voice. Kannan Oru Kai Kuzhanthai is one of the few favorite songs of many. Super hit tamil melody song by Ilayaraja, Jesudas and Susheela.

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Vaa Ponmayile Old Tamil Song from Movie Poonthalir

Vaa Ponmayile from Movie Poonthalir – An early gem from Ilaiyaraja songs from 70s. Amazing, just amazing rendition of a peaceful song. It’s SPB who’s awesome, spotless rendition makes this song so special. What can we say about a song like this. No words. When two geniuses Ilayaraja and SPB come together, this is the result.

Ilayaraja and 2 stanza songs

Ilayaraja may be a trendsetter for 2 stanza songs. In other case, he shortened the time of a song.
But if you listen to this Annakili Unnai thedude(Female) was a 3 stanza song.
If you listen, Vazhu mattum Nanmaikaga- from Kali. is a 3 stanza song.
After that Podhuvaga en manasu thangam from Murattu Kalai. is a 2 stanza song.
He may be a trendsetter. After 1990 we seldom get a 3 stanza songs in Tamil.
One thing is great with Ilayaraja. Whether it is 3 or 2 stanzas he always gives importance to lyrics and it is easily audible with his music.