Janani Janani Song – a little piece of information by Ilayaraja

Janani Janani song from tamil movie Thaai Moogambigai, what a song? It is one of the good songs of Ilayaraja that comes to your mind once you think of good songs of Ilayaraja.
A beautiful and soulful devotional melody song composed by Ilayaraja. This song has become the opening song for all Ilayaraja Concerts and even Yuvan shankar Raja concerts. Not only for them but for the all Light music tamil Orchestra groups all over the world. Such a great song of Ilayaraja praising Thaai moogambigai.

Once Ilayaraja said that after completing the composing of this song he found a small piece of paper flying towards him and he picked it up and read what’s in it. He said that it was written ‘BhajaGovindham’ in tamil. And he said that he was surprised to realize that the entire Janani janani song was in the meter of “BhajaGovindham” which is a devotional song itself.

Ilayaraja added that “may be god wanted this song to be in the meter of Bhajagovindham..”

It’s a little piece of information on Janani Janani song by Ilayaraja – an evergreen super hit song by Ilayaraja.